Rob Smyth

Monday, 4 June 2007

Golly! A New Puppy

On Saturday (today is Monday) we collected our new Airedale puppy Golly and brought him home to meet our other two Airedales Violet and Rowan. He was only frightened of the two big dogs for about 60 seconds and then he was chasing them! The picture was taken about an hour after he met them.

Rowan and Violet were besotted with him. As the day wore on Rowan got a bit grumpy but Violet cannot get enough Golly and has formed a very strong bond.

Rowan is not well, and normally likes to be quiet anyway so we are keeping him separate most of the time which is not hard as he loves to sleep on the carpet at Sue's feet, and Golly and Violet are either asleep or pouncing on each other.

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