Rob Smyth

Tuesday 21 February 2017

Magnetic buttons for magnetic persons

For the team status/task board you can create custom magnet buttons for team members on Zazzle. You an upload images whatever. I just created a few buttons for me ...


Zazzle's navigation is difficult. Look for keywords like 'round', 'magnet', 'custom'.

Team Pit Swarm Hub

Rather than mob programming or pair programming a team may setup a swam hub/desk in its pit for quick / ad-hock swarming. Not pair programming, not mob programming but a setup that allows for something in between.

In my case we have the classic corner desks. Nice for individuals but no so great for teamwork. So add a couple of TVs/monitors (so cheap now), a central team table, a wireless keyboard and mouse and you have a team pit swarm hub/portal.

To swarm a team member can slide to the central desk and remote desktop to their environment appears on the large team TVs/monitors. Now the whole team can discuss / collaborate / swarm. Quick, easy, ad-hock.

When done, close the remote desktop and the monitors return to their team status / virtual wall duties.

A way to turn up the volume on team collaboration? An ad-hock solution? A coaching crucible? An incremental step toward pair programming or mob programming .... dunno.