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Tuesday, 12 June 2007

My Firefox configuration

I use multiple PCs each day, the following is a list FireFox add-ons that I use to help me synchronize between the PCs and I just like.

Add-ons I like:
  • PermaTabs
  • PDF Download
  • New Tab On Tab Bar
  • IE Tab
  • Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer
  • Bookmarks

PermaTabs is great for TV guide, weather, build box (CruiseControl), etc. I like the way it only loads the page when the tab is first selected and that you cannot browse from the page. Which pages are made 'permanent' is dependent on the PC as each has a different use (e.g. work or home).

PDF Download

PDF Download is great as I often find viewing PDF documents in my browser crashes the browser. This add-on gives me the choice of view in browser, download, or view using Acrobat external to the browser (my preference).

New Tab On Tab Bar

Because it is just real useful. I use that little button a lot.

IE Tab

Not all pages play fair with Firefox. What I really like about IE Tab is that I can configure it so that those IE preferred pages I visit automatically open in a tab using IE rendering. Cool.

Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer

Great for keeping my bookmarks synchronized between my boxes. Useful but not great. I only use this between my home boxes as it has no way of excluding some bookmarks. Its merge is a bit primitive but at least it is conservative so I does synchronize and does not loose bookmarks. Bookmarks

Yet to figure out why I like I have visions of one day thinking 'what was that site' and being able to go to from work and find it. I think it is good, but it has yet to prove its value to me.

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