Rob Smyth

Monday, 13 August 2007

A Pattern To Help Introduce Unit Testing?

Today I heard that our CEO saw some of our automated user acceptance tests (UATs). These are tests written from the user's perspective. You can see the screens flashing by. The impressive thing is that the CEO immediately saw the business value and commented on how they would lead to cost and time savings at the end of the project and beyond.

While this did puff up our pride it also made me realize that the value of UATs is self evident to our managers while unit tests are, rightfully, seen as 'secret developers business'. After all unit tests are about writing code and our users are not interested in code, they are only interested in working features.

So, I wonder if UATs can be used as a first step in introducing automated developer testing into an organization. That is, UATs first and then unit tests. If management needs to be convinced of the value this may be a good approach.

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