Rob Smyth

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Sue want a Mini Cooper

Sue brought a demo Mini Cooper home today. I took it for a drive up and down the mountain. While it is not a car from me (I do not like it) I can see why Sue loves it. It has an amazing safe feeling on the Mount Dandenong Tourist Road, it takes the bends with amazing confidence. Mind you, I've not a new car for some years but it does feel like it is stuck to the road.

What I did not like was the delayed power when using auto but when you do take the plung to manual it is much better. Thing is manual in the mini is kinda auot-manual as there is no cluch, the gear changes are via steering wheel pads, and the engine does take a fairly wide rev range. Manual mode is easier than it sounds. I also found it a bit noisy and rough, but then it seems to be designed for a more 'sporty' feel. Sue loves it.

So I can see the attraction ... but not for me thanks.

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