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Sunday, 10 February 2008

NXmlSerializer updated

I've finally completed refactoring the NXmlSerializer code. It could almost be said to be a 'rewrite'. I now feel happy with the code. It now also, optionally, serializes classes by private fields. The idea is serialize the class's internal state rather than by public properties.

I know the code is in use in a couple of commercial projects successfully but it is still beta. I'm yet to update the SourceForge project documentation. Get latest on the source code, I will update the release binaries when I've updated the documentation. See how to use it my looking at the tests.

Known limitations:
  • Does not serialize read only public properties with an object type.
  • Cannot handle classes with read only fields.
  • Field reading does not, yet, support XmlIgnore attribute.
  • Cannot serialize classes that do not have a default constructor.
  • Still needs upfront discovery of domain types. Yet to add a more intelligent to discover 'just in time'. This will probably not be done until we see a speed issue.
The motivation for this project. That is "what it can offer", can be found in the old documentation here.

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