Rob Smyth

Wednesday 5 March 2008

It Takes GUTs To Succeed

Alistair Cockburn proposed the value of a TLA for Good Unit Tests in his blog mentioned on InfoQ here. The idea is best put in the InfoQ article as:

He (Alistair) suggests that there is a shift in assertion by Bob on what makes a true professional. Though Bob starts with TDD, he seems to agree that to be a professional you need to have good unit tests.

Alistair believes that, till date, there has been no good term for "good unit tests," as there is for TDD. Had there been a term like 'GUTs' for good unit tests then people could brag about GUTs without implying whether they were written before or after the code.
Checkout his blog entry The modern programming professional has GUTs.

I could not resist the title :-)

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