Rob Smyth

Sunday 6 April 2008

Another Storm, Another Tree

Last week Melbourne had some wild weather. Of course, we lost power and the roads were blocked by fallen trees. By the end of the storm we had gained two tree from our neighbours (one in the photo).

A bad storm but not the worst we have had. It was real comforting for us to know we can take a day or two without power as we have set ourselves up well with a generator and we just expect tree damage.

The photo shows Golly down the back inspecting our new horizontal tree.


Anonymous said...
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Greg said...

Hey Rob what happened to your last post? I thought that was going in a good direction, regarding documentation of class use. Any reason or just because?

Rob Smyth said...

Hi James,

Ah, you noticed :-)

Phil was correct the code I posted was not functional. I posted it while watching TV without thinking. I've since finished that code and intend to repost.

I did post a comment like this and ten deleted the post ... I only realised afterwards that RSS polls for topics so once deleted :-(.

Not my greatest moment. A good example while TDD is so important.

See ya