Rob Smyth

Friday 20 June 2008

Golley & Violet's New Kennel

When we moved into our home we inherited an old kennel for the dog's in their dog run. The dogs have loved it, but it finally fell apart. So I've built them a new one.

In the past our dogs have had individual kennels and never used them. The differences were:
  • Lots of straw
  • Large - 1.6 meters square
  • Large front opening (three walls)
  • Postioned so they could see the house and garden from it
The dog run is surrounded by large trees and we have had one or two large branches fall into it each year. One did hit the old kennel. So, to give a strong kennel to protect the dogs, I build a large A frame kennel. I used 7mm thick sheets to save time. It seems to be successfull but if I was doing it again I would give the sheets more support, they are warping a bit.

The new one is bigger and the dogs love it. :-)

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