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Friday, 1 August 2008

Can Alchemi Turn Web Browser Boxes Into UAT Gold?

Today I stumbled across Alchemi, "a .net based Enterprise Grid System and Framework". Or, in other words, a distributed computing framework. I wonder if it can be used to run UATs (automated User Acceptance Tests) both from developer boxes and build boxes?

I'm thinking of an Alchemi application that is a test runner which uses distributed computing to run NUnit test fixtures. The documentation claims that the 'executors' which run on the remote boxes only run in idle time. So, dedicated build farm boxes are not needed, user boxes can be used with (they claim) no affect on the boxes use. Most boxes in the office have light use so, if so, 20 boxes could be available to act as a virtual build farm.

Picture is worth a thousand words. The attached images are copied from the Alchemi documentation.

I think it is worth a play. Nigel, Duncan, you thinking what I'm thinking? All those web browser boxes ... they have a purpose!

Hey ... what does you Manager's box do? Here is an opportunity to give it meaning in life.

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