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Sunday, 14 September 2008

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Coding?

Tonight while watching, over the top of the laptop, a documentary aired earlier on from the series Great Australian Albums about Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Nick made the comment about his song writing:
"Now if I write some thing down it is there because I feels that at the time I'm writing that down that is in the only line that can only down against the line that I've written ... exactly the write line"
He said this in the context of reflecting back and saying he can see now that in the past his writing was not right, it was getting excited because "something came out".

Gosh that hit me like, that is how I try (or would like to) to code. It feels to me like the developer attitude that leads to a zero defect software development environment that I have blogged on before.

On another level I've always felt uncomfortable about their murder bollards, listening to Nick in this documentary put that into a different context.

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