Rob Smyth

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Bushfire Bunkers

I've not been a fan of bushfire bunkers. I think that if you cannot defend your home you should not be there (leave early meaning prior to 10AM before there is a threat). But, living in a bushfire risk area, and given recent credabile information we are now looking at a bunker as a backup / last option. There are a few bunker options on the market but a couple that I find 'interesting' have emerged (I'm not an expert, just my opinion).

Interesting options (with very different pricing) are:

* Wildfire Safety Bunkers
* MineArc Bush-Fire Chambers

(Wildfire Safety Bunker image shown)

A bunker approach does worry me. See my notes here.

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Duncan Bayne said...

Hey, did you ever decide to get one of these?