Rob Smyth

Thursday 8 October 2009

PowerCommands for Visual Studio 2008

I came accross 'PowerCommands for Visual Studio 2008'. It looks to me like one those free tools that you 'just should' have. Not a killer app, but no cost, no learning curve, and it makes life easier. The 'Collapse All' command, which collapses all projects in the solution explorer alone makes it worthwhile. I'm liking it already.

Edit Project File looks real useful if you have embedded MSBuild community tasks.

Hmmm ...'Undo Closed' looks interesting.


Unknown said...

You do realise that you can collapse all by right clicking on the solution or a project in the solution and selecting collapse all from the context menu.

Duncan Bayne said...


I don't think that feature is standard in VS - or maybe it is in 2008? Anyhow I distinctly remember writing a VS macro to do just that. Maybe I missed it.