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Sunday, 29 November 2009

VisualSVN Server

I respect software that 'just do it'. In this case, I like the way VisualSVN Server, makes installing and managing a Subversion server.

I've installed subversion servers a few times. Not difficult but not doing it often it does require reading instructions, knowing a few command lines, and configuring a few files. But tonight I'm playing with another little experimental project and I find working without version control ... hmmm .... 'interesting'. The project is experimental so it would premature to create an on-line repository (e.g. GoogleCode, Sourceforge) so I downloaded VisualSVN Server, ran the installer and had a running server is just a couple of minutes.

The VisualSVN guys made the job easier by:
  • Making the ignores of: bin, obj, *.suo, etc default. So I did not need to import and then go through the process of ignore and delete.
  • Prompted for the creation of the conventional (trunk, tag, branches) folders, so I did not have to create them.
  • Provides a nice simple GUI that showed me up front the subversion URL (no reading documentation for the port number) and I could add myself as a user while I was committing.
Nice job guys. Slick. As a software developer my job is to automate other people's processes, I appreciate it when others automate my processes.

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Cameron:D said...

I discovered this the other day. Works brilliantly