Rob Smyth

Wednesday 21 July 2010

Oath of Non-Allegiance

Alistair Cockburn again challenges us. Check out the "Oath of Non-Allegiance" here.

I'm sick of hearing 'they are not agile because they use UML' or 'In agile we stand up and spin clockwise every 42 minutes".

Now I will go back to making my agile coffee on my agile PC and writing lots and lots of agile modelling diagrams. I wonder if my agile undies have arrived?

The term 'Agile' has joined the livings dead, its meaning and purpose of the manefesto is long gone. It is now used to mean whatever you want like Scrum, eXtreme Programming, or just anything.

May tolerance, an understanding that all processes are broken, and the bravery to find 'what works', replace it.

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