Rob Smyth

Friday, 16 November 2007

How Often Do You Commit?

When talking "Continuous Integration" (CI) just what is "Continuous"? I've often had this discussion where one person considers continuous to be once a week while another is thinking every few minutes. The perception difference is based on their experiences, nature, and the environment in which they work. I do not think there is any wrong answer except one that excludes all others.

So I'm wondering what is the practice out there so I've added a poll on the right sidebar of this blog to get an indication from actual practices. Regardless of what you think CI is or would like it to be, what is your current practice.

Take a few seconds and record your actual (average) commit rate. This is nothing to do with agile development or the like, just an indicator of practice.


Unknown said...

Is it only a matter of how often you commit or also/rather how often you actually build out of version control repository (if ever)?

Rob Smyth said...

Only commit. Interesting, I had not thought of a commit without first an update/merge. To me the repository and my code are the same at time of commit.

But ... the survey is only the commit rate.