Rob Smyth

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

No Protection from Retalitory Feedback on eBay

I've just found that eBay is a bit more lawless than I thought. In a couple of recent purchases with one HK company (partneringco) the wrong item was sent and the other was not as advertised. So, after the seller was less than helpful, I left a neutral feedback on one and negative on the other. The the seller then left me negative feedback on both. The seller's reason given in the feedback is because I left negative feedback! How blatant retaliatory feedback is that?

I could point out that one was not negative but was neutral but then in the wonderful world of eBay feedback I've learnt that truth is not important. eBay's support info states that they will not remove untruthful feedback and they seem to avoid making any statements about obvious retaliatory feedback.

I'm really stunned by this. How can a seller give you negative feedback stating that they are doing because you gave them negative feedback? How can a buyer ever give negative feedback?

The lessen to me is no matter how bad the seller is, if you leave neutral or negative feedback there is nothing to stop them leaving retaliatory feedback against you! Kinda puts the feedback rating system in a different light.

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