Rob Smyth

Sunday 19 October 2008

Can eXtreme Programming Survive Being Main Stream

A few days ago I noticed a job email where the company announced that they did "waterfall". Gosh, waterfall has up until the end of last century always been the defacto status quo. That any company feels a need to say this is testomony to that eXtreme Programming (XP) processes have now become main stream. But has XP survived the transition? I think it will take several year to find out. I'm hearing 'Agile' often being confused with XP and it is so common to find redefintions (abortions) of XP processes / intent.

I will wait and see. XP rocks, but in a general sense I think the attributes of 'agile' have wider application if the intent is not lost in transalation. Given a choice of agile attributes or the XP process, I would take agile any day. It is just that it seems harder to use attributes than it is to use a process cook book that XP provides.

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