Rob Smyth

Monday 10 November 2008

The New UAT Framework Contenter - White

White is a new automated UAT (User Acceptance Testing) framework for Win32/WinForms/WPF applications. Perhaps a replacement for NUnitForms.

NUnitForms is a framework that layers over NUnit to enable run time application/user acceptance testing. e.g. Click button X and then expect dialog Y. It is not a unit testing framework.

I'm a developer on the NUnitForms team and a few weeks ago I took on the job of doing a new, much needed, NUnitForms release. But since then I've learnt about White and wonder if White is the future. I know one friend in Melbourne that is using it for UATs on a commercial project and the feedback is so far, positive.

I'm currently using NUnitForms. It has Vista compatibility issues that I think can be overcome without too much effort but WPF provides a brave new world. The crunch will come in the next few months, I would like to see if we can change our underlying UAT framework from NUnitForms to White. If nothing else, it would confirm how well we designed our own test jig / framework.

Get White here.

Get NUnitFramwork here (but download and compile, the last release is a bit old).

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